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Ajax Combi Protect detector | NVR.LV
Pet immune combined motion and glass break detector. Ajax CombiProtect detects the first step of a h..
Ajax DoorProtect Plus| NVR.LV
Magnetic opening detector with tilt and shock sensor. Ajax DoorProtect Plus helps to protect doors a..
Ajax DoorProtect | NVR.LV
Magnetic door and window opening detector. With their compact size, high-end sensors and wireless co..
Ajax Dry Contact Relay
Dry contact relayA wireless relay with a voltage-free dry contact that turns appliances and devices ..
Ajax FireProtect Plus
Smart smoke detector with temperature and carbon monoxide sensors Ajax FireProtect Plus is created f..
Ajax FireProtect | NVR.LV
If you aren't protected against a burglary, you risk your valuables. If you aren't protected against..
Ajax HomeSiren
Wireless indoor siren. An audio alarm system with a customizable sound level between 81 and 105 dB a..
Ajax Hub Plus White | NVR.LV
Second-generation intelligent control panel with four communication channels, a new powerful process..
The brain of the Ajax security system. Ajax Hub enhances the performance of each device in the Ajax ..
Ajax KeyPad Wireless
Wireless touch keyboard. Ajax KeyPad helps to manage the Ajax security system. Arm the system with a..
Ajax LeaksProtect
Ajax LeaksProtect detects and notifies you of an inflow of water within seconds, but automatically c..
Ajax MotionProtect
Pet immune motion PIR detector. Ajax MotionProtect detects the first step of an intruder on the prem..
Ajax MotionProtect Curtain
Уличный датчик-штора создает невидимую завесу, оберегая окна, двери или ценные объекты от злоумышлен..
Ajax MotionProtect Plus
Pet immune motion PIR detector with microwave sensor. Ajax MotionProtect Plus detects the first step..
Ajax ocBridge Plus
Ajax ocBridge Plus - module for integration with wired and hybrid security systems.Ajax ocBridge Plu..
Ajax Socket | NVR.LV
Радиоуправляемая умная розетка со счетчиком энергопотребленияВключает и выключает приборы по команде..
Ajax SpaceControl Key fob with a panic button
Key fob with a panic button. Protected with rolling code encryption and authentication, Ajax SpaceCo..
Ajax StreetSiren
Wireless street siren. An audio and visual alarm system with a customizable sound level between 85 a..
Ajax Transmitter
Ajax Transmitter - wireless module for third-party detector integrationAjax Transmitter allows conne..
Ajax uartBridge
Ajax uartBridge - module for integration with third-party wireless security and smart home systems. ..
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